Rafael de la Llave, Professor
School of Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0160
Telephone: (404) 894-6480
Email: rll6@math.gatech.edu
Office: Room 212, Skiles Building




Research Interests

Dynamical Systems (KAM, hyperbolic theory, computation), Mathematical Physics

I am interested in several problems in dynamics. The common theme is that there are some special types of orbits that organize the long term behavior of the system. For example, periodic and quasiperiodic solutions, invariant manifolds, etc. These orbits can be studied profitably by combining analytical and computational techniques, so I am quite interested in combining analytical and numerical techniques. Some subareas of dyamics in which I have worked are: KAM theory, hyperbolic dynamics, rigidity, variational methods, perturbative expansions. I have also done some work in problems motivated by phsycical applications such as convergence to equilibrium, stability of matter, semiclassical limits, magnetohydrodynamics, fluid dynamics, optics. Most of my papers in the last years can be obtained from the Mathematical Physics Preprint Archive (mp_arc)

Workshop on Introduction to Dynamical Systems Methods for Mission Design

Fall 2015 Teaching schedule:

  1. Topics Course Math 8803: Hamiltonian Dynamics

    Schedule: TR 1:35pm-- 2:55pm Skiles 246

    Tentative Syllabus: